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The world as we know is now different. Covid-19 came with lots of disruptions and restrictions. Communal gatherings are no longer a thing and social distancing is a language we now speak. As a book club, we have been affected. We can no longer meet as a group, get our books signed, and take pictures with authors. What do you do in times like this? You seek alternatives and you adapt. We are grateful for the gift of technology and its ability to connect and unite – to make the impossible…possible!

As a book club, we had arranged to have the author, Onochie Onyekwena with us. Sadly, we couldn’t continue with the plans and so we did the next best thing – GO VIRTUAL. From his office in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, we were able to discuss his writing and other interesting facts.

About The Orchid Protocol:

DCT agent Patrick Emenalo returns to work on the same day there is a bombing at a popular fast food joint in Lagos. Dark Cell, a terrorist group, claims responsibility and demands the release of Red Baron, arms smuggler and crime boss.

Patrick, caught in a game whose rules are set by shadowy crime syndicate, The Orchid, must race against time to stop the terrorists before they strike again.

Face-paced and seamlessly written, Onyekwena’s debut takes bold steps into the widely uncharted world of organised crime in Lagos.

The Orchid Protocol was the first runner-up at The Dusty Manuscript Contest in 2018. Onochie completed this book in May 2011. The Dusty Manuscript contest seemed like the perfect competition to pick up his own dusty manuscript. When we asked what inspired the story in The Orchid Protocol, he said TV and movies – CIA, Jack Bauer…etc. The inspiration for the DCT unit in his book came from CTU in 21.  He is a big of action movies – think espionage and all that intelligence stuff. The Orchid Protocol started out as a screenplay but as he progressed, he decided to turn it into a novel.

If you’ve read The Orchid Protocol, you will know it is different from any African fiction you’ve ever read. We asked Onochie about this world he created in his novel and he said he wanted an escape from reality. He wanted something different.

Source: GTBank

Onochie is very passionate about Nigeria. This is evident in the way every governmental organisation in the novel runs smoothly; from the DCT to the Nigerian Police.  Set in 2025, Onochie expresses his desires for a better Nigeria in the pages of his debut novel.

His two favourite books of all time – Time Changes Yesterday by Nyengi Koin and Passport of Mallam Ilia by Cyprian Ekwensi.

When Onochie is not writing, he loves to counsel and inspire people. In his words – “There’s a lot of hopelessness for free, so I love to counsel people and inspire people.”

He also enjoys watching movies and playing video games.

When this is all over, we hope to have Onochie Onyekwena in Lagos with us – signing books and discussing everything literary!

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Onochie Onyekwena @officialonochie was the second-place winner of the 2018 Dusty Manuscript Contest which was birthed and organized by OkadaBooks and sponsored by Guarantee Trust Bank. His entry was titled, “The Orchid Protocol.”⁣

Onochie studied Mass Communication at the University of Nsukka. He currently works at Classic FM, Port-Harcourt.⁣

Emeka lives in Port-Harcourt with his wife, Elizabeth, and son, Ian. He has worked with Wave FM and Family Love FM in Port-Harcourt. He currently works with Classic FM 91.1 and he runs Kulture Magazine, a lifestyle magazine.⁣

This is his first novel!⁣

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