Who Says You Can’t?


Building a business or chasing a dream can be daunting and whenever we decide to step out of our comfort zones to do such things, it is usual for people to doubt If we can succeed. In this fascinating memoir, Frank Nneji, one of Africa’s most outstanding business entrepreneurs, says you can.
Frank was just 23years old when he pioneered Rapido ventures, a manufacturer, and seller of educational materials with the specialty in audio-visual teaching aids and display systems. Less than a decade after pioneering that business, he became captivated by the idea of starting a bus company that will compete with airlines in providing comfort and safety for passengers. Despite many odds, the young Frank worked hard at actualizing his dream and in February 1993, ABC Transport was birthed. The new company would go on to revolutionize Nigeria’s road transport industry and become the first travel option for middle-class Nigerians. ABC Transport grew astonishingly to become the first publicly quoted road transport company in Nigeria as it expanded into logistics, hospitality, and tourism.
In this book, Frank Nnejisharesthe experiences, ideas and lessons he picked up as he pioneered and built ABC Transport. This is a book you want to read. It will give you a peep into a brilliant business mind and influence your thinking. If you want to be challenged, inspired and learn what it takes to start and build a business or realize any important dream, you can’t go past this memoir.



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Paperback(234 pages)


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