Under the sheets


About the book:


Sex is a big deal. But no matter how big of a deal it is, many, especially Christian couples, still find it tough to speak about it, about their desires, needs, or expectations around it. Speaking about personal sex struggles is probably its own big deal…, or is it? Culture and the media have dictated a great deal of the narrative guiding this area of our lives, stirring questions such as “how much of it would I have before I am misconstrued as a maniac or pervert”, or “how can I say I don’t know what to do and not be judged a novice and risk failing or losing my ego or partner”.  Religion has added to the confusion, stirring up questions like “at what point would I/we be sinning before the Lord, or how can I/we please God with our sexual intimacy”. Where cultural and religious systems do not agree, we are left confused and compelled to figure it out ourselves. Perhaps that’s where many people get stuck.

Sometimes, we don’t even bother about the subject and believe that like every other thing we have achieved in life, we’ll figure this one out too. Until we begin to battle with the insatiable sensation it creates once ‘the gates are open’, and we find we have little to no knowledge of how to truly satisfy it/themselves. The irony is there’s still so much dissatisfaction and friction, and many keep quiet for fear of being judged or ridiculed if anyone ever found out they aren’t having the time of their lives sexually.

In UNDER THE SHEETS, the Olaniyans have simply shared their story, lessons, the things they wish they were told on this never-ending journey to experiencing mutual sexual satisfaction. So if you are on the hunt for another prescriptive book on “how to suspend her from the ceiling”, or “how to make him beg for it”, UNDER THE SHEETS may not be for you. They are no sex experts nor specialists in “Kamasutra”. What they hope you will catch is how best you can experience mutual sexual satisfaction in your own marriage.

About the author

Doyinsola and Ifeoluwa Olaniyan

Doyinsola is a medical doctor, author, speaker and counsellor. Ifeoluwa is a life coach and behavioural therapist, certified in Neurolinguistics programming, Cognitive Behavioural therapy and Corporate mental health. Together, they are certified marriage counsellors licensed by Prepare Enrich, United Kingdom. It is their mission to communicate the truth that healthy beautiful marriages exist. And through their ministry “because marriage works” they help individuals and couples cultivate helpful mindsets and habits to achieve their relationship goals, overcome relationship challenges and thrive while at it. They have been married since 2015 and live in England with their beautiful children.