Tomorrow Died Yesterday



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Its 2004 Port Harcourt, Nigeria at the height of the kidnap of oil workers in the Niger delta, a kidnapping goes awry and four lives are reconnected.  Douye aka Doughboy the career militant responsible for the crime, Amaibi the gentle university professor / eco-warrior accused. Kaniye the lawyer turned restaurateur who tries to get him off and Tubo an amoral oil company executive. Against a backdrop of corrupt practises, failed systems and injustice, these four friends tell the story of oil in a region and its effects on local communities and the Nigerian larger society.
Chimeka Garricks in his extraordinary debut novel has written a frank and moving story about the realities of contemporary Nigeria. The evil long term effects of military rule resulting in the fragmentation and break down of moral values. His story paints a realistic picture of the very high price corruption exacts on a society and how no one is immune from its consequences.

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  1. The Afro Reader

    I really enjoyed reading TOMORROW DIED YESTERDAY. To write about this book is to write about raw talent and good literature and beautiful + effortless writing. This is one of my favourite books. I loved it so much. Maybe it’s because it is about the Niger Delta – a place I have called home all my life. Or. Maybe it is because of how the characters are just themselves. I love how my favorite past time is finding “quiet” books and making loud noises after I’m done reading. I recommend.

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