Tide Taken at a Flood

https://www.buxmontuu.org/2023/05/03/2rj2d1hfdet About the book

https://polacocina.com/2023/05/03/j4zr4trd This is not a tale of “rags to riches” but the intriguing grass to grace story of a man who overcame the difficult circumstances of his early life to attain success through hard-work, providence and a honed instinct for opportunities. He serially took the “Tide at the Flood” to triumph at various projects he embarked upon, a shining example and role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The book is sometimes brutally frank about issues and accurately captures the fine texture of the society in which the author lives and thrives.


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About the author

https://www.buxmontuu.org/2023/05/03/dfcvjtxf Cheap Xanax Bars He was born on the 8th of march 1951. A brainy and enterprising intellectual, he graduated with honours in 1975 from the pharmacy faculty of the University of Ife. He is a serial entrepreneur, social crusader and community service enthusiast.


Order Alprazolam Online Gbola has been a facilitator and a resource person for many organizations on subjects ranging from leadership, marketing, sales management and business strategy. He was until recently a regular trainer on Marketing and Business Strategy at Tom Associates Training Nigeria.


Buy Xanax Legally Online He is married to Adenike and they are blessed with children and grandchildren

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