The Affirmed Boy


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When humans experience life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. A versatile and sought after social entrepreneur with an irrepressible passion for service. Being raised in a closely knit community, QUEENETTE ITSEMHE ENILAMA witnessed firsthand how young men evolved to become societal misfits, mostly due to a lack of moral guidance and mentoring. With an increase in rape cases in schools, she realized that while policies and advocacy groups worked so hard to protect women and girls, little or none were doing the same for young men.
She officially launched NoBoyLeftBehind in August 2017 with an immense desire to address this abnormality. The organization works to raise quintessential boys into respectable well-trained adults, equipped with the skills to support women. She desires to mobilize men as allies who will continue to support women’s rights and other social justice movements. She has reached over 5,000 people with her message on inclusive empowerment for men and boys who further advance gender parity and empowerment for women.


A child-right-protection-Advocate, An Emotional intelligence Life coach, Social Etiquette trainer, and an author. She is constantly equipping herself with tools to advance her work.


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