Knowing the father’s heart

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About the book:


Dreams are personal, unique to the dreamer, often times it is shaped by an individual emotions and experiences. In these last days with an abundance of dreams and visions by young and old alike, i have handpicked some of mine and offered their interpretation as it applied to me. These dreams cleared all the wrong notions i had about my heavenly father and is making me a better person. I am hoping this book makes you see God for who he truly is.

This is also to encourage you to pay attention to your dreams and to realize you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make sense of the “weird” ones. The giver often provides answers in his word.


About the author


Imaobong Archibong started writing short stories from age eight before training as a geologist and taking up a career in the Oil and Gas industry. Besides being a wife and mothering a multitude of kids apart from her two, she loves reading, DIY and gardening. She is a big champion of Rural Development. 

Her charity organization, Forlovesake Initiative, focuses on enriching lives in Edemaya Clan.

Imaobong currently lives in Lagos,Nigeria. This is her first published work