Diary of an I-BAD-AN LAWYER

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Order Prescription Xanax Online https://www.buxmontuu.org/2023/05/03/pd2xpr9umhh https://fromthesmithsphotography.co.uk/033rwu2saz0 Fresh out of university and vocational law training, okezi tells weekly stories of his experience in the city of ibadan, western Nigeria. With early misconceptions about the city and the practice of law, he starts out his journey with confidence and hope as the city opens him up to itโ€™s realities, itโ€™s opportunities and its adventures.


https://pawse.ca/k8u3wzcu This collection of events exposes the struggles of a young law professional and the many intrigues that the city of ibadan had to offer. This thrilling piece of literature touches on legal, political, social and environmental themes and is intended to be a conversation starter.



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https://reclamthebay.org/l9rsbw1c1t Okezi Uwede Meshack

Okezi studied law at the prestigious Babcock University and was called to the Nigerian Bar in December 2015. He works with a multinational as a legal counsel and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has experience with commercial law and supports businesses both in French and English speaking countries in Africa.

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https://yummyplants.com/uncategorized/bqcx4600 https://www.maiseyyates.com/2023/05/03/mhtwu989 He blogs on Fundamental Human Rights, Christian Values, and has other published academic articles. Okezi has a big heart, he volunteers with several organizations focusing mainly on tech and budding entrepreneurs.

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