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On the 25th day of August 2019, friends, family and wellwishers gathered at Terra Kulture to launch DIARY OF AN IBADAN LAWYER by Okezi Uwede-Meshack.

Okezi studied law at the prestigious Babcock University and was called to the Nigerian bar in December 2015. He works with a multinational as a legal counsel and is based in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire. He has experience with commercial law and supports businesses both in French and English speaking Africa. He blogs on fundamental human rights, Christian values, and has other published academic articles. Okezi has a big heart, he volunteers with serveral organizations focusing mainly on tech and budding entrepreneurs.

Fresh out of university and vocational law training, Okezi tells weekly stories of his experience in the city of Ibadan, western Nigeria. With early misconceptions about the city and the practice of law, he starts out his journey with confidence and hope as the city opens him up to its realities, its opportunities and its adventures. This collection of event exposes the struggles of a young law professional and the many intrigues that the city of Ibadan had to offer. This thrilling piece of literature touches on the legal, political, social and environmental themes and is intended to be a conversation starter.



In a quick chat, we asked him five questions.


1) Kawe Africa: What prompted you to turn your Ibadan experiences into a memoir?

Okezi: The trigger was first the love for writing and tell interesting stories. And then the acceptance of my contacts with whom I shared the initial articles.

Okezi and his dear mother

2) What particular experience stood out for you in Ibadan?

Okezi: My work life in Ibadan stood out. I envisaged a rest full service year and it was everything and more I wanted. I got great experience and made great contacts across the city as a lawyer and as a well meaning Nigerian citizen.

3) Imagine you had the chance to study something other than Law in the University!

Okezi: Languages! I love!

4) Do you think you will ever write a fiction novel?

Okezi: No. Not as of today. I realise I am not as imaginative to write fiction. I do better writing about my personal experiences. I write on Medium and they are mainly from person stories. Let’s just say my personal experiences are imaginative enough to create great stories.

5) What is your favourite book by an African author?

Okezi: Ibadan by Wole Soyinka.

Below is a short clip from the Book Launch Event!

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