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Book of the month - Once upon our childhood by LARA BROWN

The plan is simple for Lara and her best friends – make the most of their final high school year together before they part ways soon. Too bad secrets won’t let them. A slow start to the school term leads to a steep drop into a rabbit hole of secrets rearing their ugly heads – think a hidden disorder, a predatory relationship, a second family, a shock diagnosis, a resurrected marriage, and more. The anticipated drama-free year goes off the rails as past and present secrets unravel at a breathless pace. The revelations spark a chain of unprecedented reactions that send the four friends reeling as they face impossible choices. They can sacrifice their friendships to keep carefully constructed houses of cards from falling. Or maybe it is past time to rip apart the frail safety nets woven by a pervasive culture of silence.Set in the brawling, cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria, Once Upon Our Childhood examines the hydra-headed nature of abuse through the raw, insightful, and sometimes, snarky voices of four diverse characters.

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Lara Brown

An only child until a sister popped up five years later; Lara Brown spent those solo years voraciously reading every book she could find her hands on. Books have remained a fascination for her and over the years, she has authored various unpublished stories and poems.

Her day job centers around creating meaningful experiences in the workplace. She hopes to create more time for her writing amidst work, travel, and of course, more books. Once Upon Our Childhood is her first published novel.